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11 Yidaki Way Moncrieff
ACT 2914 Australia
8:30am - 3:30pm
Monday - Friday
+61 2 6181 6870

Current Projects


Class 7 & 8 Building Project

Construction of the Year 6 & 7 building is currently progressing as planned. The construction project, Insha Allah, will be completed by mid 2023. Insha Allah, Year 7 and 8 classes will start in January, 2024. The school is short of about half a million dollars to complete this project. We encourage you to donate towards, not just the building but the future of your children. 

Please donate online.


Year 9 & 10 Building Project

We have already finalized the building plans for year 9 & 10, due to be started in 2025 Insha Allah. Our application for the funding grant is under consideration by the relevant funding authority. With the will of Allah SWT and your cooperation and donations, the construction of the Year 9 & 10 building will commence in 2023 and be completed in 2024.