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0.1 Enrolment Policy


0.1 Enrolment Policy




Education Act 2004 (ACT)

Effective: 20/12/22

Policy Applicable to

KG to Year 6 students at Taqwa School

Who is Responsible for this policy

Finance Manager/Principal

Policy Authorisation: 

Taqwa School Board

Last Version

3 January 2023

Future Revision

30 June 2023


Policy Overview

Taqwa School is an Islamic School and it has a policy of equal opportunities for male and female students from all communities. Families of the taqwa school students are expected to encourage and support the Islamic environment at the school, including religious events and activities. We follow the Australian curriculum of education together with Arabic and Islamic studies. 


Enrolment Age and Priorities

Children seeking to enroll in the KG class must have attained the age of 5 years on 30th April in the year of enrolment. Taqwa school gives priority to the siblings in the waiting list.


Register of Enrolments and Attendance

Principal of Taqwa school is required to maintain enrolment and attendance registers in accordance with the Education Act 2004 (ACT) section 33 (1) b. The Student Movement Register replaces the Student Transfer Register. Information of a student enrolment and/or leaving school must be recorded in the Student Movement Register within 5 days after the event.


Taqwa School will 

  1. maintain an accurate record of enrolments and attendance ( Sections 32 and 99)
  2. continue to provide student reports twice yearly
  3. keep records about the compliance of students and their parents with the Registration Standards



Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child meets the attendance requirements. An Information Notice and/or a Compliance Notice may be issued by the ACT Education Directorate if a parent has contravened or are contravening requirements relating to enrolment and attendance.


Parents are responsible for:


  • providing accurate information/documentation supporting their child’s enrolment and confirming with the school any changes to their child’s identity and contact details to ensure their enrolment details remain up to date (Sections 32 (1) and 99 (1));
  • ensuring their child attends school every day (including outdoor activities)  (Sections 10A (2));
  • providing a timely explanation/reasonable excuse for any absences to ensure compliance with  Section 10A (3);
  • working in partnership with the school to support their child’s enrolment and attendance, which includes raising concerns about their child’s education, engagement, health and wellbeing and discussing barriers to attendance early with the school (Section 35 & 102);
  • applying to the Education Directorate for an exemption certificate where the parent/carer of a child is unable to meet the enrolment or full or part time school attendance requirements (Section 12A).


Taqwa School is responsible for:


  • ensuring that no child is disadvantaged or denied access to education, where individual;
  • circumstances prevent the applicant from meeting documentation requirements including proof of identity and place of residence requirement;
  • ensuring children with disability are able to enrol and apply for placement on the same basis as other prospective students;
  • keeping students documents confidential and managing them in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2014.




  • Any concerns about the application of this policy should be raised with the school principal in the first instance;
  • Any concern about the policy itself should be made to the ACT Education Department via the online form at Feedback and Complaints (