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11 Yidaki Way Moncrieff
ACT 2914 Australia
8:30am - 3:30pm
Monday - Friday
+61 2 6181 6870
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Taqwa High School

Taqwa High School's official opening took place on the 15th of February, 2024, at Taqwa School. Hon Yvette Berry, Minister of Education and Deputy Chief Minister of ACT, was the Chief Guest for the event.

Taqwa School Newsletter Term 1

Taqwa School has published it's first newsletter of 2024! Term 1 issue is now available for your reading.

Admission form

Complete the admission form to enroll your child. Receive additional details before scheduling an interview for the enrollment process.

We are hiring classroom teachers

Taqwa School is an energetic and fulfilling workplace. Join Taqwa School for a rewarding environment with dedicated staff and students, plus excellent campus amenities.

Feedback and Suggestions

Share your thoughts on the Taqwa school website and operations. Your feedback and suggestions will shape an enriching experience for everyone.

Current Projects

InShaAllah, the construction for Year 9 & 10 building will commence soon, it is expected to be completed by end of this year

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality education in an Islamic environment that inspires students to achieve their full potential.


Islamic learning environment

We provide a secure Islamic learning environment promoting the development of knowledge, confidence, creativity, and skills.


Successul global citizens

We help our children become happy, healthy, caring and successful local, national and global citizens.


Attain full potential

We provide inclusive, democratic and positive learning environment where every individual is valued, self-belief is encouraged and each individual is able to achieve their full potential.


at the school

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Message from the principal

Assalamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh my dear brothers and sisters.

As you are all well aware, we have applied for the approval of Years 9 and 10 classes starting from 2025 alhamdulillah. It would help our cause inshaAllah as a visible measure of community satisfaction and demand if the school's Google rating was reflective of the overarching positive feedback we have been receiving from parents, staff and members of our community.

Should you be happy to leave a positive review, please click Reviews whilst here: whilst logged into your Google account. 

In the past week, I have sent about four messages to parents on other matters. Unfortunately,  due to technical issues, some parents did not receive some or all of these messages. 

Here's a summary of those messages:

- Tuesday 9 April 2024 will be the last teaching day in Term 1.

-  On Friday 12 April 2024 between 2.30-4.30pm, there will be a parents get together. As part of this event, the P&F and the school will conduct information sessions along with food, recreational activities and entertainment for kids (see the attached flyer).  

- I requested parents to donate generously for the several ongoing school projects to make our school an even better place for our children (see the attached flyer).

- Following our previous successes especially from a community engagement perspective, Eid al-Fitr outdoor prayers will inshaAllah be held once again at Taqwa School grounds. More information will follow in due course.

- Tuesday 30th April will be the first teaching day of Term 2. 

Please reach out to me should you have any feedback or queries.


Dr. Mohammad Yamin

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Dr Mohammad Yamin

Moncrieff Campus 

Campus expansion project

Taqwa School is currently awaiting the application for grants to commence the second phase of the interim secondary building, this building will cater for year 9 & 10. 

Construction of the new building commenced in September 2022, and was completed August 2023. We need your support and generous donations for the development of the school. We want to provide the best educational environment possible for our children and the future generations to come.  

Preparation are being made for the construction of the secondary building and multi-purpose hall. InshaAllah we need your generous donations and constant dua for the success of the these projects.

Current projects
Help Taqwa School Grow bigger

Sadaqah Jariya

"Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He will multiply it for him and he will have a noble reward" [Quran 57:11] "When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them" (Hadith, Muslim). Help build a school with the goal to build our precious children’s minds, manners, and Taqwa — Consciousness of God. We have been educating and enriching young minds for eight years — help take this institution to the next level of growth and service by helping us build this new world-class campus, with a prayer room and lecture halls. All this to provide our children and families with the support and care they need to navigate a great future ahead InshaAllah.




Sadaqah for Construction and Future Development of Taqwa School 
Account Name: Canberra Muslim Youth
BSB: 062913
Account: 10662774
Reference: Moncrieff School Construction