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11 Yidaki Way Moncrieff
ACT 2914 Australia
8:30am - 3:30pm
Monday - Friday
+61 2 6181 6870

Dr. Mohammad Yamin

Dr. Mohammad Yamin

Dr. Mohammad Yamin


Dr. Mohammad Yamin is the new principal of Taqwa School. He is very excited and privileged to be part of the Taqwa School community; he looks forward to serving in InShaAllah. Dr. Yamin extends his warm welcome to the Taqwa school community and the Canberra Muslim community at large and implores you to come on board in any capacity and help the school move forward. Indeed, there are many challenges ahead, which we shall tackle together as a community in sha Allah.

Dr. Yamin's aim is always to work together with our students, staff, parents, and the school’s board of directors to make the Taqwa School the best school it can be and prepare our youth for future challenges and endeavours. Families have Alhamdulillah been quick to appreciate the benefits of our community school, which offers Islamic and Arabic Studies along with student-centered individual and collaborative learning.

Dr. Yamin is committed to our community to lead the school with a clear vision for the future which should always put student learning at the forefront of decision-making.

At the Taqwa School - we aspire to continue to develop and enhance our school that:

  • Reflects the values of our community.
  • Focuses on the religious, intellectual, physical and creative development of each child.
  • Strives for the highest academic standards.
  • Involves the community in learning.
  • Develops relationships through communication and reflection.

Dr. Yamin has an open-door policy and urges all parents to take the opportunity to discuss any issues with him so that we can move forward together.

Education 100%
Team Leadership 100%
Management 100%
Teaching 80%