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Message from The Chairman Taqwa School


Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff members,

Asslam O Alliqum,

Hope you are well and enjoying the blessings that Allah SWT has bestowed on us.

As most of you are aware that we have received approval to operate year seven and eight at Taqwa School from January 2024. This is great achievement for the school and the community and after thanking Allah SWT, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting the school and the community.

On behalf of the School Board, I would like to specially thank the principal and his extended team, who has worked extensively in the last year to achieve this goal. In the leadership of our new principal (not so new anymore) the school continues to make great progress and achieve many goals that were long overdue. A growth of almost 100% (double than 2021-2022) in the last one year, with an addition of almost hundred new students this year (with many on waiting list) and five additional teachers, is the sign of trust by our community on School’s leadership.

This has not taken our focus away from the best quality of education in an Islamic environment, which is the tradition and the only goal of Taqwa School.

With the Islamic Department stronger than ever before, equipped with the wealth of knowledge and highly experienced teachers, our children are taught Quran, Islamic studies, Arabic and our Islamic values.

Taqwa School now has a very effective combination of highly capable teaching leaders/mentors, very hard working young teachers and the support staff, ensuring the quality of the education of the students, which is reflected in school’s internal assessment systems and this year’s NAPLAN results.

Taqwa School in the leadership of CMY continues to build new state of the art facilities for its students, with brand new interim year seven & eight building now handed over to the school in the last week. School is currently in the tender process for extending this newly built interim secondary school building (with approx 6 additional class rooms) as well as a new independent permanent double story building and an oval  for the secondary school (years 7 to 10).

As we thank Allah SWT for our current success, with His permission, School is committed to start year nine and ten by 2025 and we continue to make progress to ensure that this deadline is achieved.

Once again I really appreciate your trust on the School and thank you for all your support.


Muhammad Naveed Afzal
Chairman Taqwa School