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0.1b Enrolment Contract


0.1b Enrolment Contract




Legislation and Documentation

Education Act (2004), Amended (2022) 

Enrolment Contract

Policy Applicable to KG to Year 8 students at Taqwa School

Who is Responsible for this policy Business Manager/Principal

Policy Authorisation Taqwa Board

Last Version September, 2023

Next revision September, 2024



1. Policy Statement 

The purpose of this policy is to provide families with information regarding: 

the purpose and structure of school fees 

the application fee 

the admission fee 

Books & Stationery Charge 

Excursions & Outdoor Activities Charge 

the bus fee 

payment methods 

responsibilities and requirements in regard to school fees. 

Taqwa School is a not-for-profit organisation. All fees collected support the delivery of education services for students. School fees are set by the Taqwa School Board after consultation with the Principal. All fees are reviewed annually by the Board and are subject to reasonable changes. With this in mind, it is Taqwa School’s mission to provide the community with a quality education environment while keeping fees as low as possible. 

Any changes in our fee policy will be updated on our website: 

2. Context 

Fees, Levies, and Activities Charge collected by Taqwa School are used for the following purposes: to provide essential resources and equipment for the classrooms, administration, cleaning and maintenance, swimming carnival, athletics carnival, excursions, sports, and other activities (excluding Camp fees). If students break or lose any of the equipment provided, parents will be asked to purchase replacements. 

to employ teaching, administrative and support staff 

to supply educational subscriptions and software 

Any other expenses deemed necessary by the board/principal 

3. School Fee Structure 

Table 1. Annual Fees for 2024 


Tuition Fee 

Books & 

Excursions & Outdoor 

ICT Levy 


Activities Charge 


K - 6 



$550 $250 0 





$550 $250 $200 



Table 2.Discounts for 2024 




Books & Stationery 


Excursions & Outdoor Activities Charge  ICT Levy 


By 25/1/24 

After 25/1/24

K - 6

Child 1 



$250 $0



Child 2 




Child 3 




Child 4 





Child 1 



$250 $200 




Child 2 


$550 $250 $200 




Child 3 


$550 $250 $200 




Child 4 $2,600 $3,300 $3,600 

Table 3.Term Payments for 2024 

Siblings Total

K - 6

Child 1 $1,000

Child 2 $850

Child 3 $850

Child 4 $850


Child 1 $1,050

Child 2 $900

Child 3 $900

Child 4 $900


Table 4. Deadlines for Payment of School Fees (K-8) for Continuing Students 

Term 1 (29 Jan - 6 Apr) 25/01/2023

Term 2 (29 Apr- 05 July) 03/05/2023

Term 3 (22 Jul - 27 Sep) 26/07/2023

Term 4 (14 Oct - 17 Dec) 18/10/2023


Note: If a student joins the school in the middle of a term/semester, the Books & Stationery Charge, Excursions & Outdoor Activities Charge, and ICT Levy (if applicable) will be charged in full. 

Registration Fee: New student applications attract a non-refundable $75.00 fee. Admission Fee: Parents must pay a First Term fee of $1000 for new students upon successful completion of registration to secure their child’s place in the school 

Term Fees are non refundable 

Tuition Fee: $3200 for K-8 

Books & Stationery Charge: $550 for K-8. It include all books and stationary, including software resources 

Excursions & Outdoor Activities Charge: A charge of $250 is for swimming and athletics carnivals, excursions, and different sport activities which take place around the year. This charge is non refundable, and does not include Camp fees 

Sibling Discount (KG-8): Tuition Fee discount of $600 will apply for each sibling, as shown in Table 2 

School Bus Charge: School Bus charge per term is $950 to be paid at the start of the each term to be paid with the Term Fee 

School Uniform: School uniforms are paid for separately 

School Bank Account Detail: BSB: 062913 Account: 10997697 Reference: Child’s full name or billing identifier on Fee Statement 

4. Non-payment of Fees 

The onus of timely payment of school fees lies with the parents. In the event of non-payment of the school term fees by the deadline, the school has the right to un-enroll the student from the school. 

5. Recovery of Unpaid Fees 

To ensure the viability of the school, Taqwa School is obligated to follow all methods to recover unpaid fees, including legal action. In such cases 

a. families will be responsible for legal costs, direct debit rejection fees and any debt collection costs or other costs incurred 


6. Refunds 

The new student application fee, admission fee, and term fees are non-refundable. If a student discontinues with Taqwa School for any reason, the refunds will be processed and returned to the original payee in accordance with the discontinuation requirements. 

If paid in advance for the whole year, fees are refundable pro-rata for the remaining terms of the calendar year. The curriculum levy and building maintenance levy are non-refundable. If any fees remain outstanding, they will be payable as per the normal payment terms and where appropriate, any fees in credit will be refunded. Library books, school property and all accessories are to be returned to the school before the last day of attendance. 

7. Re-Enrolments of Year 7 Student

Year 6 Taqwa students wishing to continue to join High School (Year 7) are required to complete a High School Re-enrolment form by 30th November. 

8. Late Enrolments 

New students entering Taqwa School after the commencement of the term will be charged full fee for the term. 

9. Extended Leave 

Taqwa School does not give discounts or refunds of fees for Extended leave. 

10. Discontinuation of Enrolment 

Where a parent/guardian of a student intends to discontinue the student's enrolment, the School requires at least one term's written notice of the cancellation. The written notice to the Principal must be received at the School by 9.00 am on the first day of the final attending term. Any notice received after this time will render parents/carers liable for (another) full term of fees. 

Where the parent/guardian fails to give at least one term's notice, the school reserves the right to invoice the parent/guardian for one term's fees and/or levies in lieu of notice. After receiving written notice, Parents/Guardians may be invited to attend an exit interview. 

If any fees remain outstanding, they will be payable as per the normal payment terms and where appropriate, any fees in credit will be refunded. The school reserves the right to pursue all outstanding fees in accordance with the Compliance with Taqwa School’s Fees signed upon enrolment. 

Library books, school property and all accessories are to be returned to the School. Lost books including library books will be charged at a rate of $10 per book. This includes home readers. Other lost or damaged property will be charged at the rate of replacement for new. Students may be charged at the time of loss or damage when the school becomes aware or at the time of Discontinuation.


11.Termination of Contract 

The Enrolment Agreement can be terminated by the Taqwa School in 

the following circumstances: 

1. Late payment of fees, which could include escalating consequences ranging from the application of interest on an overdue account to formal debt recovery action. 

2. non-compliance with school policies 

3. non-attendance of the student 

12. Variations to Payment Schedule 

Where a parent/guardian believes financial circumstances have arisen that will prevent or delay the payment of the school fee account, a variety of options are available: 

a. Extension of Time 

If an extension is required, please contact the Principal prior to the due date. 

b. Payment Plans 

All payment plans must ensure that the account is cleared prior to the last day of the school year or as negotiated with the Principal. 

c. Fee Concession 

In cases of financial hardship an application may be made for a fee concession. Concession applications are usually accepted at the commencement of each year or at any other time in exceptional cases. 

Concessions are issued for a maximum period of 12 months within a calendar year. Concessions are only applied to Tuition Fees and are valued at 10% and up to 75% of the full cost of Tuition Fees. 

Applications will be assessed according to need and will be subject to the student’s contribution to the class and their family’s contribution to the school. 

Consideration for the subsequent 12-month period will require a new application. 

A compassionate and just approach under the ethos and values of Taqwa School is used when reviewing applications. 

Concession application forms are available from the office. Parents may be requested to supply supporting documents to attach to their application. Parents/Guardians who are granted Fee concession are required to provide evidence of ongoing financial hardship at the beginning of each term. All matters are dealt with on a confidential basis. Parents must not disclose the concession agreement to any parent or third party. 

Parents/Guardians who apply for a fee concession must maintain concession attendance requirements. Students who take more than 5 consecutive days leave at any one time without a supporting medical certificate or take extended leave of greater than 5 days with or without principal approval will lose their concession entitlement. 


13. Responsibilities 


It is the responsibility of the principal and the board of directors to ensure that a fair and equitable process is in place to monitor any increases to school fees and ensure that those members of the community who may be experiencing hardship, receive information about variations to their schedule of school fee payments. 


It is the responsibility of the Principal to consult with the school board to determine any changes in the fee structure of the school. The principal at his discretion may discuss with parents regarding non-payment of school fees or variations to the fee structure. 

Administrative Officer 

It is the responsibility of the Administrative Officer to ensure that prospective students are provided with up to date information regarding the fee structure of the school upon making an enquiry for enrolment. The Compliance with School Fees Form should be completed prior to commencing classes. 


A Compliance with School Fees Form will be completed by the parents by providing all relevant information about the child. Parents are responsible for providing full disclosure of the child’s health issues, if any, at the time of enrollment. This will empower the school to create a safe learning environment for the children in the school. This form will be signed by the parent/s or guardian/s of the enrolling student. The person/s whose signature/s appears on the enrolment form will be the person/s held responsible for the payment of the school fees and charges for that particular student. 

Requests for any variation to the payments of school fees must be made in writing to the School Principal: Until the school receives correspondence, the original arrangements will remain in place. 

Declaration: I agree to the above terms and conditions of the fee policy. 

Signed by 

Parent 1 Name Signature Date

Parent 2 Name Signature Date 

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