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The Best Investment a Muslim Can Make Is a Charity That Will Outlast Him.

Islamic Education is Important for Muslim Children. Help build a school with the goal to build our precious children’s minds, manners, and Taqwa - Consciousness of God.

Australian Education in an Islamic Environment

Islam is truly beautiful, caring and loving. But all that beauty goes unnoticed to most children, they were never taught so…
Maybe they listened and learned about Islam from TV and media, or from someone well meaning but lacking proper Islamic knowledge.
At Taqwa School has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and racism. We have professional teachers who are well versed in the Australian curriculum and the Islamic values to transfer to the children in a loving and understanding manner.

Build & Develop Good Islamic Character

It is no secret, that it is not easy for Muslims these days, nor it is safe sometimes to be one. However, its simply a challenge and no challenge is too great to overcome. At Taqwa School, we will prepare the children and give them the knowledge to rise above the challenges with understanding and ease. We are a culturally diverse community with students from many different countries — learning and growing as one,
Taqwa School is a safe place where your child can grow confident in his or her own identity.

Help Build a strong supportive community for the Muslim Children to rely on.

Many of the Muslims in Australia are immigrants; they left their home countries looking for a better life for themselves and their children. Many of them do not have family ties here.
Everybody needs a family to navigate life, the good and the bad, we all need support, no matter what is our social and economical status. Islamic Schools play a huge role in this regard and also in upbringing of Muslim children, especially here in Australia. Taqwa School serves as a hub for the Muslim families to come together, it helps build community, where families can meet other Muslim families and build one strong supportive system for their kids to thrive and learn more about Islam.

Taqwa School

Taqwa School New Moncrief Presentation

“When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them,” (Hadith, Muslim).

Alhamdulillah, we have so far secured $3.3 Million towards this project so far from our generous donors and via Australian Capital Territory building government grants. We need your help to hit the last milestone, to open the school, currently we only need 900,000 Australian dollars, participate and have this as a Sadaqah Jariya; a Sadaqah that will pay its dividends until the Day of Judgment.

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Account Name: Islamic Society of Belconnen
BSB: 062915
Account #: 1036 6558
Swift Code: CTBAAU2S
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The Best Investment a Muslim Can Make Is a Charity That Will Outlast Him!

So Donate Today, Any Donation Matters. It simply too great of an opportunity to be missed.

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